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We are a fully licensed and insured company with the goal to provide our customers with astonishing service and the best investment in cleaning and restoring hard surfaces.

We strive to ensure 100% satisfaction by providing professional, affordable high quality service. Our certified technicians are committed to continuing-education, and we provide them with the most advanced equipment in the industry.

We’ll clean your floor or hard surface like it has never been cleaned before!



We specialize in Hard Surfaces, Tile, Grout and Stone cleaning in the Charleston SC Area. Thanks for visiting our website! Mark

Home Cleaning Services Summerville SC, Tile and Grout Cleaning services Summerville SC

The Benefits of Using Our Service

  • Our process removes the dirt, grime, oil, and bacteria
  • Restores your floors to a like-new appearance
  • We use EPA and environmentally friendly solutions
  • Licensed and insured
  • Monthly Maintenance Program
  • We specialize in floor care
  • All work guaranteed Highly Trained Experts
  • 100% Customer Satisfaction
  • Patented Technology

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, Best Carpet Cleaning Companies Summervillle SCNew South HSR: We Offer Affordable Commercial Cleaning Services

With New South HSR, you can start your day knowing that you’re ready for business with a clean office. A lot of our time is spent behind the desk, so it’s always a relief to know you’ll be going into a clean and tidy space. That’s why you need commercial cleaning services that meet your workspaces unique challenges and requirements.
New South HSR respects your time, business, and budget. Our trained commercial cleaning service professionals work with you, creating a plan addressing your concerns and needs. Why not get better commercial cleaning services with New South HSR?

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, tile and grout cleaning near me summerville scWe Know How To Clean Marble

Marble surfaces can accentuate every home. New South HSR understands this, and also that marble is a delicate stone requiring great care to maintain its shine and preventing it from scratching. We ensure that your marble surfaces are properly maintained, and have the know-how on how to clean, polish and etch all marble types.
New South HSR understands all different marble types, and we can make your marble surfaces look brand new, no matter if you have a marble floor, countertop, wall, vanity or shower.

Home Cleaning Services That We Provide

New South HSR offers cleaning services that include more than floor cleaning; we offer restoration and full home cleaning services, backed by our guaranteed techniques. Our aim is to make things hassle-free, by giving you the best services that you require.
We understand the time, money and thought you put into creating a happy, clean and healthy home environment for you and your family. We strive to help you keep it that way, which is why you can trust New South HSR to provide high-quality services that will keep your home looking its best.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, sofa cleaning summerville sc
We Offer The Best Cleaning For Your Microfiber Couch
Your couch is usually the focal point of your living room, getting the most use out of any furniture in your home. If you notice that your microfiber couch has started to emit a funky odor, or it has stains that you haven’t been able to remove, it’s time to contact New South HSR for a microfiber couch cleaning.
Your couch accumulates debris, dirt, food crumbs and liquid spills. Microfiber is stain-resistant, but it can be challenging to clean, as Microfiber is polyester based, and cleaning it with water will leave a permanent mark. Conventional upholstery and carpet cleaners will not work on microfiber, so it’s best to leave it to the professionals. We know how to best clean your microfiber couch and make it look and smell brand new.

Home Cleaning Services Summerville SC, commercial cleaning services Summerville SC
Why You Need Professional Carpet Cleaners
Carpet cleaning looks a lot easier than it is. Hiring professional carpet cleaners has several advantages, as they have the right equipment to do the job properly. New South HSR will clean your carpet to the core, which is where most of the dirt, debris, and allergens accumulate.
Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge to clean all carpet types properly. We know and understand all different carpet materials and fabrics, and have special cleaners for each type, which improve the indoor quality of your home. These cleaners will get rid of mold, dirt, dust and bacteria in your carpets.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, cleaning marble floors summerville sc
Professional House Cleaning Services
New South HSR has been providing professional house cleaning service for years. We understand that life happens, and along with life, homes get dirty, drinks and food are split, and pets have accidents. We have the expertise to give you a deeper clean for your home, creating a clean, safe and comfortable living environment.
Our professional residential cleaning services offer just more than floor or carpet cleaning, we remove not only the dirt you see, but also all the dirt you don’t. A professionally cleaned home will make all the difference.

Home Cleaning Services Summerville SC. Floor cleaning services Summerville SC
Professional Floor Cleaning Services For Your Home or Office
A properly maintained floor can have a long life span. New South HSR identifies the floor condition, foot traffic, age, maintenance history, and flooring type to create the perfect floor cleaning services for your needs.
The benefits of hiring New South HSR for your floor cleaning services are that we will extend your floor life span, saving you money on your investments. We will make your floors shine and sparkle like new, getting rid of any accumulated dust, dirt, bacteria and allergens.
We Know How to Remove Oil Stains From Driveways
Oil stains on driveways are not only unsightly; but they are also dangerous as they are slip hazards. Removing oil stains from driveways is not easy, as the oil penetrates the surface of your driveway and most conventional cleaning materials will not only not remove the stain, they can permanently damage the surface.
New South HSR understands that different oil types require different cleaning methods, and we have the know-how to permanently remove oil stains from driveways, upping your home’s curb appeal.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, pressure washing services summerville sc
Professional Couch Cleaning Services
Furniture is one of the biggest home investments. Over time, dust mites, allergens, debris, and dirt can become embedded on your couch’s surface, and stains can build up on the surface. New South HSR will test and inspect your furniture fabric and use our specialized cleaning methods for the particular fabric type. Our cleaning methods can deep clean even the most delicate fabrics, and we have the equipment and training, providing the best techniques for your upholstered furniture.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, couch cleaning services summerville sc
We Offer Pet Stain Removal
All pet owners have to deal with cleaning pet stains off their carpets or rugs from time to time. It’s important to remove pet stains quickly, as they can cause damage to your floors or carpets and will cause odors to remain.
When you want to hire a professional cleaner to ensure that pet stains and odors are fully removed, contact New South HSR. We have years of experience dealing with pet stain removal. Removing your pets stains from rugs and carpets can be difficult, which is why you should rely on the experts, as we have the most efficient techniques in pet stain removal.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, commercial floor cleaning services summerville sc
Travertine Tile Cleaning Services
Over time, the use of cleaners, foot traffic, and pets damage and wear down the natural polish of travertine tile floors and surfaces. With the help of our professional travertine tile cleaning services, New South HSR restores your travertine tile surfaces to brand new conditions.
Travertine tiles are very porous, which is why it is easily etched from acidic liquids, such as fruit juices, vinegar, and coffee. We ensure that any etching is remedied, as we seal the surface after every cleaning, restoring its shine and beauty while protecting your investment.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, power washing a house summerville sc
Professional Tile And Grout Cleaning Services
Extra attention is required when cleaning your tile and grout floors, as mopping and vacuuming are not enough. Over time, the porous surface of grout will collect dust, dirt, mildew and bacteria, which can be very hard to remove.
New South HSR has been providing tile and grout cleaning services for years, and we make sure that our customers are satisfied with our service. We will make your floors shine and sparkle, using proven techniques that thoroughly deep clean your floor.

Commercial Cleaning Services Summerville SC, house cleaning service Summerville SC
We Offer Furniture Cleaning Services
Our professional furniture cleaning services will remove any soiling from your furniture without damaging the fabric, making them look and feel brand new again.
Depending on the material type, New South HSR uses different cleaning methods, including dry solvent cleaning, furniture shampoos, dry foam cleaning, steam cleaning and hot water extraction cleaning, extending the life span of your furniture.
We Are One of The Best Carpet Cleaning Companies For Pet Stains
Traditional carpet cleaning methods and solutions only address the carpet’s surface, only cleaning the visible pet stains. However, the problem lies underneath the carpet. Cleaning pet stains the traditional way will only cover the smell and stain temporarily. Your pet’s urine gets under the carpet, making it wet underneath, and the salts will crystallize, creating a permanent odor that can only be removed with professional carpet cleaning.
New South HSR takes the urine from underneath the carpet, wood, and padding, using the best equipment in today’s market and ensuring any unsightly pet stains and odors are removed.

Home Cleaning Services Summerville SC, House Cleaning Service Summerville SC
We are One of The Best Deck Cleaning And Staining Companies
An important part of protecting your deck is power washing, to remove the mold, dirt, and mildew that can grow in your wood. Staining and sealing your deck will make it last longer, as the unprotected wood, which causes it to swell and soften, absorbs moisture. The sun will cause the wood to shrink, and these cycles of shrinking and swelling cause the wood to warp and crack.
New South HSR will protect your investment by thoroughly cleaning and sealing your deck, making sure the wood is protected from the elements, and your deck enjoys a long life span.

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